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SC Development

Completing Digital Twins:
Advanced solutions

SC Collaboration Suite is data management and collaboration software designed to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase sustainability. It relies on high-quality, up-to-date data and access to plant or building history to aggregate, consolidate and visualise data for streamlined collaboration and decision-making.

Gerko Eppink

“SC Center’s real-time data query ensures that decision makers are always up-to-date. By directly pulling current data from software or data silos, valuable information is generated instantly. It’s an efficient solution that significantly speeds up any workflow.”

Gerko Eppink

SCHULLER&Company, Head of Development

SC Center –  SC Dash  –  SC Vision

SC Collaboration Suite

Diagram illustrating the workflow of SCHULLER&Company GmbH's solutions

SC Center

The single source of truth
SC Center integrates data from various software and silos. As the core of our SC Collaboration Suite, it provides data to SC Dash, SC Vision, or your own tools.

SC Vision


The client-server application SC Vision provides a virtual, real-time representation of a planned or running facility, making it a central component of an Engineering Digital Twin. This centrally-hosted Engineering Digital Twin serves as a virtual meeting point for top-down decisions and reliable collaboration between different engineering disciplines and departments, thanks to its intuitive operation, commenting system, and flexible visual presentation options.

SC Dash

Easy and fast access to all data

SC Dash is the front-end that creates transparency across all disciplines and departments during the planning, construction, and operation of industrial plants. It publishes the data gathered by SC Center in a clear overview, providing a complete Digital Twin.

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