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SC bocad

BIM-Software for structural engineering

bocad enables collaboration and a complete BIM workflow for sustainable projects in the following sectors: 

  • Industrial

  • Energy

  • Mining

  • Oil and gas

  • Infrastructure

  • Commercial

  • Architectural and residential

bocad user interface, Smart Select tool

The multi-material detailing software can handle steel, glass, timber, cladding, concrete and sheet metal in a single model. bocad includes a wide range of standards and libraries for quick and easy 3D modelling for any type of structure. Organisations of all sizes, from artisan and medium-sized businesses to large industrial companies and the world’s leading corporations, benefit from the advantages of bocad.


bocad has been shaping and changing structural engineering since 1983 and has set standards in steel construction. In 2022, SCHULLER&Company took over the bocad software unit and is focusing on BIM capability and customer service.

bocad Steel

Close-up view of a steel framework structure, highlighting the strength and precision of bocad Steel

bocad Steel provides a complete solution for accurate modelling and production of various steel structures, including general structures, stairs, handrails, bridges, and sheet metal. It can manage projects of any size and complexity.

bocad Roof and Wall

Low-angle view of a curved glass and steel building facade with a clear blue sky in the background

bocad Roof and Wall is the BIM solution for building facade and roof cladding and aluminium constructions. It provides a wide range of catalogs from panel and cassette suppliers, along with aluminum profiles that can be expanded as needed.

bocad Timber

Close-up view of a wood framework structure, bocad Timber

bocad Timber is suitable for all prefabricated or timber housing constructions. It provides a variety of tools for accurately designing complex straight or curved glulam beams. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial buildings, we assist you in designing structured walls, roofs, and ceilings using frame construction or cross-laminated timber.

bocad Tower

Silhouette of a high-voltage power line tower against a colorful dusk sky, with electrical wires highlighted in blue

bocad Tower features a comprehensive library of rule-based tools tailored to the industry, allowing for modelling of lattice or tubular transmission and telecommunication towers, substations, gantries, and monopoles.

bocad Offshore

Aerial view of an offshore wind turbine on a platform in the middle of the ocean

bocad Offshore offers a range of specific tools for the sustainable conceptual and detailed design, fabrication and construction of structural steelwork in offshore and marine projects.

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