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SC Consulting

Longtime experience and close client relationships

The SC Consulting team comprises highly-experienced engineers with extensive expertise from engineering and software firms, some with up to 30 years of experience. Customised solutions drive successful digitalisation, with data and document management being key components. We have a proven track record of implementing lean engineering workflows supported by AVEVA Software and S&C products for our clients.

Our benchmark: Customer value

S&C configures and customises each product individually to ensure that they are optimally matched and together provide maximum benefit to the customer.

Alexander Körber, Head of Consulting and Kay-Uwe Sokat, Senior Consultant

“Together with our customers we leverage our deep expertise to identify improvement opportunities and develop effective and innovative solutions.”

Alexander Körber, Head of Consulting

Kay-Uwe Sokat, Senior Consultant

Caliqua Success Story

Within 12 months, we implemented high-quality standardised planning for Caliqua, the leading provider of thermal systems for municipal service providers and industry in Switzerland.

Caliqua Logo


Integration between process and construction design was required, as well as improving the quality of plant design documents to increase overall efficiency.


We began by implementing the software and training users. Then after 9 months, the focus moved to processes and the consistency of the data. S&C not only brought the specialist departments together in terms of data technology in the form of transfer points, but also interlinked the processes in a targeted manner, which lead to a faster and qualitatively better overall result.

After 12 months, the Caliqua team independently developed the first flow diagrams and converted them into 3D planning using the new integrated design environment.


We introduced the AVEVA Suite of products, with Diagrams, Engineering and E3D Design forming a basis for integrated design. The data quality increases in an integrated environment, thanks to the interlinking of different disciplines.

“My highlight of the project is that the Caliqua team quickly learnt to think and work in integrated processes.“

Siegfried Thaler
SCHULLER&Company, Senior Consultant

Siegfried Thaler
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