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S&C Equipment Template


S&C Equipment Template is an AVEVA E3D Add-in providing a new User friendly Interface for the AVEVA Standard Equipment Template.

Bringing all Equipment Template features in 1 Interface, enables the user a better overview and allows to easily adjust the Equipment Templates. This tool works with all AVEVA and Custom created Equipment Templates.

Benefits from S&C Equipment Template

  1. Merging all Equipment Template Features into one Interface

  2. Brings the User a better overview

  3. Easily adjust the Equipment Templates - Smart Handling


S&C NavisWorks Converter


S&C Navisworks Converter is an AVEVA E3D Add-In to export the 3D model and its attributes to a Navisworks NWD file.

Next to the exportation of the 3D model, it is possible to configure which attributes need to be exported to the NWD as well. The Export configuration can be stored for Batch Export tasks, to guarantee a weekly, daily, etc. update of the Navisworks model.

No additional work is required as the file is directly being transferred to a Navisworks NWD file.

NavisWorks Converter

S&C Flex Editor

Coming Soon Neon Light

S&C Chute&Hopper


S&C Chute & Hopper is an AVEVA E3D Add-in to create complex Chute and Hoppers Elements in the 3D model.

Next to the creation, it is possible to create a Report with vital Manufacturing Information.

Benefits from S&C Chute&Hopper

  1. The fastest method to create chute & hoppers in a 3D model

  2. All sorts of transitions

  3. Reports about size, weight and material are available

  4. Includes maintenance hatches

  5. Detailed drawings

  6. Smart and easy Usage

Chute Hoper
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